Top 3 Reasons to Study Aged Care


Have you considered being a part of the Aged Care sector?

The aged care sector in Australia is very important for the country, according to Japara, this is a $20 billion+ industry that provides jobs for over 220,000 staff across the country.


These figures make this industry very appealing to future workers that can identify a lot of opportunities with the continuous growth of the sector and that’s why many students are searching and enrolling in Aged Care courses and PCA courses in Melbourne.


At Melbourne City College we gathered 3 reasons of why studying the Certificate III in Individual Support (Previously known as Certificate III in Aged care) will be beneficial for your career and life.


1.It’s a growing industry


According to AECC Global, the Health Care and Social Assistance sector is expected to add 250,500 new jobs by May 2022 within three main occupations; Nurses, Child care and Aged care workers.

The Certificate III in Individual Support opens a variety of positions within the industry, from personal care assistants and personal care givers to community workers.



2.It’s fulfilling


What if you can empower people that might feel a bit powerless?


Working in Aged Care means that you will be helping your clients doing what they need and want to do, making life easier for them and for their families as well. You can make a big difference in someone’s life through this career and develop meaningful relationships along the way.


It’s a rewarding experience changing someone’s life for the better, it’s an amazing feeling that will be with you all your life.



3.Flexible career opportunities


Our Aged Care training will help you understand all basic to advanced care giving procedures while providing practical and theoretical knowledge on how to provide support and care services for people. In addition, you will also learn how to deal with many complex situations in a successful way.




Studying this certificate will allow you to work within the following roles:


  • Care assistant / worker
  • Home maintenance worker
  • Care service employees
  • Community care worker
  • Personal care assistant
  • Community support worker
  • Personal care giver / worker
  • Disability support worker

Working in this industry is truly rewarding, you’ll get to learn something new every day through the people you help take care of, they will likely share their experiences, wisdom and some stories along the way making every day an interesting one, so you’ll never be bored.


If you’d like to be a part of this growing industry send us an email at and start your journey in the Aged Care Sector!

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