3 Tips on How to Improve Your English Listening Skills


Listening is one of the most challenging parts of learning English.


It is important to remember that native speakers talk fast, have accents, use slang and may break some grammar rules.


However, there are several activities you can do to help you enhance and develop your listening skills.


At MCCA, in our English courses, we encourage our students to practice as much as they can every day through different activities like listening to podcasts or watching movies with or without captions.


Besides learning and practicing through your English Classes, we gathered the following tips that you can incorporate in your daily routine do in order to improve your listening.


1. Make listening to English a fun daily habit


Constancy, the key to success!


Besides practicing during your English Lessons, you should involve English in your common day to day activities; for example, during your commute to work or while you are doing house chores you can listen to music or a podcast.

Here are a few materials you could use to practice with:


-A podcast episode of a topic that you are passionate about

-A scene from a movie or tv show that you know very well in your native language

-A Youtube video

-An audio book



2. Do Not Depend on Images or Subtitles All the Time 


Movies or tv series are great ways to listen to English spoken by native speakers but if you only practice your listening skills this way, it would not be effective. This is because you are using the pictures to guess what is happening or what is being said.


Therefore, do not be afraid to turn off the subtitles and try to spend more time listing to the radio or podcasts.


3.Be an Active Listener


This is probably the most important tip; you need to truly listen.


By paying close attention to something and repeating it several times, you send a message to your brain that something is important and needs to be remembered. This applies to some parts of listening, including sounds and accents.


Therefore, when you are listing to a podcast, ask yourself the following:


-What are the speakers talking about?

-Do you agree with their opinion?


Remember, the only way to improve your listening "quickly" is to be consistent!


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