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Use of Cookies by Melbourne City College Australia

At Melbourne City College Australia (, we use both session and persistent cookies for our website to perform, enhance its functionality, collect data etc.

We use Session Cookies to improve the browsing experience of the visitors and improve the functionality of our website. For instance, these cookies help visitors move from one page to the other (navigation) more easily without any error in functionality of the site or etc. If the visitors do not accept these cookies, they may probably face some difficulties in clear navigation.

We use Persistent Cookies, including but not limited to Google Analytics, Yahoo Analytics, Bing Analytics and etc. These cookies help us analyse the site performance in search engines. For instance, we will know more on how our visitors are reacting to our website, where the traffic is coming from, which pages are viewed more frequently etc. This data helps us improve the overall performance of the website in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN etc.

Apart from these, we also make use of the social media cookies (for instance, you get connected to us through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or you use social accounts to sign up or register on our website). Each of these social networking sites have their own cookie policies. You can read more about cookie policies on their official websites.

If you wish to know more about the cookies policy at Melbourne City College Australia, please send us an email to

One of the team members will send out the details you may require at the earliest.

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