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Unique Student Identifier

Every year almost four million Australians build and sharpen their skills by undertaking nationally recognised training. All students doing nationally recognised training need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

The Australian Government, Department of Industry have created a national database of all enrolments in Vocational Education and Training (VET) from 1 January, 2015. This includes Certificate, Diploma and short courses

A USI is a 10 digit alphanumeric number that is unique to each student in the VET system. The number will allow all VET students to keep a history of their results from all VET training they do, from all providers, in one central location. This will make it easier for you, as a student, to manage and track your VET training courses and results.

It is easily accessible online from a computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere and anytime, your USI will ensure you have easy access to your training records and results when applying for a job or enrolling in further study.

How important is it to get?

If you don’t provide the training organisation with a USI, it will be impossible to print you a certificate at the end of the course or add your results to the national database. When you provide us with your USI, we will validate it and record your training results on your academic transcript.

What is the fee for applying an USI?

Applying for USI is a FREE service provided by the government to make it easier for you to manage and track your training history. It hardly takes 15 minutes applying online on

How often do I need to generate USI?

You only have to do it once.

Steps to create a USI

The following steps show how students can create a USI:

Step 1:

You need to have your Identity Proof (ID) ready. Have at least one and preferably two ID ready from the list below:

  • Driver’s Licence
  • Medicare Card
  • Australian Passport
  • Non-Australian Passport (with Australian Visa)
  • Birth Certificate (Australian)
  • Certificate of Registration by Descent
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Immi Card

If a student has no proof of ID from the list above, they will be required to contact their training organisation about other forms of ID they can accept to help a student get a USI

Step 2:

Have contact details ready (e.g. email address, or mobile number, or address).

Step 3:

Visit the USI website at: usi.gov.au.

Step 4:

Select ‘Student Entry’ and then Select ‘Create a USI’ link and follow the steps.

Step 5:

Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Step 6:

Follow the instructions to create a USI – it should only take a few minutes. Upon completion, the USI will be displayed on the screen. It will also be sent to the student’s preferred method of contact.

Step 7:

The student should then write down the USI and keep it somewhere handy and safe.

I have a USI

If you previously studied in Australia with a different provider and have a USI then simply provide the USI to us and we will validate it for you and record your course outcomes against your VET academic transcript. You can use this USI for all VET training.

What if I forget my USI?

The website www.usi.gov.au provides an option for you to retrieve your USI, if you forget it.https://www.usi.gov.au/faqs/i-have-forgotten-my-password Unique Student Identifier (USI)account contains personal information, contact details and access to training records and results (transcript). The USI Registry System has been designed to keep this information safe and secure and is only accessed by those organisations listed in the terms and conditions.

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